Things Runners Hate

Obviously, I love running. I love it as a sport and as a lifestyle. I enjoy the camaraderie and the health benefits. I love the thrill of a race and the friendships formed during training sessions. But, there are things that I hate about running too. Having been a serious runner for years, I hear complaints from fellow runners all the time. Here are just a few of them:
1. Injuries and limping. If I’m not running, I’m probably suffering some inflammation, soreness or a limp. Motrin, Aleve and Tylenol have been in my medicine cabinet for years and will probably continue to stay there.
2. Dogs off-leash. I personally have 2 dogs and love them to death but I don’t let them roam free in the front yard and on the street. Dogs chasing runners can cause injuries and debilitate one’s pace.
3. Bad weather. If it’s too cold or raining, I am inside with the sensible adults. I hate missing a run so I am forced to go to the gym and subject myself to the dreaded treadmill.

4. Dieting and hunger. Training burns a lot of calories and I try to add it back in with healthy options. I eat a light breakfast, very light lunch and end up starving for dinner.
5. Having to go to the bathroom during a run. This pretty much speaks for itself. I try to stick to routes where I know there are public restrooms or indiscreet locations to relieve myself.
6. Colds. This is similar to the category of injuries and limping but it’s a little different. Runners hate to catch colds because it hinders our training but people with colds are equally evil to training plans.
7. Foot traffic going the wrong way. I am not one for walking/running trails or tracks but people should use them correctly. Don’t be that person going the wrong way on a track or trail.


2 thoughts on “Things Runners Hate

  1. I think it is totally awesome that you love running. I do not, but I do really enjoy walking about. These are some things that I have not thought about when a person would be running. I ensure that everyone has to go to the bathroom, but I didn’t think about a person purposefully looking for a trail with one when running.


  2. I love your blog, as a soccer player I understand all of these issues when going out for a run. The weather and avoiding dogs in the front lawn are by far my biggest problem I face, when trying to train. I’m not sure people actually understand how many injuries can come from normal routine running, all of the stress put on your lower body from running on a hard surface can cause problems in your back and knees later in life, but I guess that’s why choosing a great rather than just good running shoes is so important for serious runners.


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